Pause for... what we do
Whether working with groups and teams or individuals we encourage genuine collaboration and an energetic momentum that will contribute to even greater success and business growth. We each have a valuable contribution to make and together we will create empathy, positive appreciation and recognition of how each person plays a part in achieving success.

At Pause for... our key purpose is to enable our clients to find a clear direction and commit to tangible actions that will achieve great performance and steps towards achieving their full potential. Our portfolio consists of:

A practical, straightforward client centred approach that is shaped by the ethical standards of the International Coaching Federation.

Skills Training
Specialists in bespoke coaching, management and leadership skills training.

Action Learning
A stretching approach supported by a facilitator where groups of peers help one another to find fresh perspectives on business and career challenges. Learning from each others experiences along the way.

Experts in personal, management and leadership development, Pause for... will help you to achieve your vision and business plans through developing your people.

"We basically do not know what the world of tomorrow will really be like except that it will be different. That means that organisations and their leaders will have to become perpetual learners." Edgar Schein, 1992, the year of Black Wednesday.

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