Pause for... our philosophy

At Pause for our philosophy is simple. We believe that every one of us has the resource to grow, develop and find our own potential.

When working with individuals or teams, our aim is to enable our clients to push the pause button on their busy schedule. But, this pause does not represent a period of inactivity, quite the opposite - the client, with our help, works hard! They will identify exactly what success looks like for them and, specifically, what they need to do to get there. When the pause button is released and they are back in real time they will achieve both personal and business growth. Nothing new happens without pausing and reflecting - however briefly - on next steps and how to overcome the challenges that may present along the way.

The glue that binds almost all business activity together is how people interact with others customers, suppliers, bosses, staff, peers ... The level of achievement and quality of success that is attained is determined by how good they are at it. At Pause for we believe that effective, productive relationships are at the heart of success - how those relationships are started, managed and grown through the helpful behaviours that we choose to adopt.

Our promise to you as our client is that:

... we will take a simple and uncomplicated approach to our work with you.
... we will carefully build an agreement with you around the purpose of our relationship - what will be the best outcome for you.
... in the same way that you will have expectations of us, we will have expectations of you.
... we will agree a strategy that will both encourage and stretch you.
... because change can feel really hard if you don't have support - we will support you but you will always be in charge.
... we will enable you to achieve challenging and tangible goals that really mean something for you and your business.
... we will help you to take responsibility for your outcomes - when our work together is done you will continue your progress under your own steam.

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