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Underpinned by years of commercial management experience and shaped by a number of important psychological theories and schools of thought, the work of Pause for... is described as results focused, practical, straightforward, challenging and innovative.

Rigorous and sophisticated evaluation is crucial – Pause for... measure all interventions to be sure that they are relevant, impactful and adding value for you and your organisation.

Recent activities include:

‘You challenge me and stick with it. Each time we part I go away and take action – do something differently – and I feel really motivated’

Team Development
A diverse group of senior specialists were restructured into a new team. Except that they weren’t a team – they operated independently, were competitive with one another and did not communicate easily. Their bespoke event helped them to build strong relationships and a deeper understanding of their individual and shared challenges. Today they are a developing but cohesive team that is fit to achieve their business vision in difficult trading conditions.

Management Development
A large scale development programme that is a sophisticated blend of personal, management and organisational development: The key elements of the participants’ 15 month long programme are a partnership approach to their development with their line manager; 360 feedback; planned group and individual development activities and action learning. Today there is a measurable shift towards a more energetic and empowered culture - feedback has become the norm; individuals feel empowered to take initiative and responsibility; individuals are driving their own development.

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