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Pause for... who we are

When working with Pause for... your primary point of contact will be Liz Bacon. Her experience in the commercial world is invaluable when supporting clients to balance their personal development and growth with maintaining their focus on delivering results against tough targets and deadlines.

"Liz is incredibly thoughtful and insightful in her work. She cares passionately about supporting the development of others and their learning. She creates the reflective space and appropriate level of challenge that enables those she works with to find their lightbulb moments and/or gentle awakening to new awareness."

Liz has a wealth of experience at working with all levels of management individually and in groups. Organisationally she has designed and run highly successful talent, culture and management development programmes. She is a Licentiate of CIPD and works with a number of techniques and underpinning theories, including:

• Transactional Analysis
• Action Learning
• Myers Briggs Type Indicator
• Complexity theory related to developing a learning culture

A group of associates work with Pause for... all of whom are very experienced and share the same philosophy. When not working with Liz personally you be working with an associate who will have a background and expertise that will be a ‘best fit’ for your requirements.